Alive Museum at Singapore’s Suntec City Mall

Singaporeans out there, including myself, love trying out new things – especially those that are value for money and… air-conditioned. Obviously, a place like Alive Museum meets the criteria that Singaporeans look for. From my personal observation, visiting interactive museums is one of the latest trends which follows the huge popularity of escape room games that have since sprouted all across the island.

Last week, I had a chance to visit Alive Museum at Suntec City Mall and here I am – sharing my experience with my readers (i.e. YOU).

alive41alive4Alive Museum is the biggest 3D illusionary museum in Singapore where you can not only touch and feel the art pieces, you can also become part of it.

Here are some examples of my bf, JJ, eager to touch the exhibits. A typical example of courting death. Ah hem.



(A Bathing Woman)alive7No matter what, I know I am still the QUEEN.


alive8In case you are wondering, there are signboards around the exhibits and stickers on the floor to guide you on the poses and photo points (the spots that you can take the photos from).

alive9There are 84 masterpieces at the Alive Museum Singapore and these art works fall under four different categories: Trick Art (These art pieces trick your eyes into seeing illusion and reality at the same time, using 3D painting techniques), Digital Art (Combines state-of-the-art technologies to allow visitors to experience art beyond what is seen), Object Art (Art pieces where you can touch and become part of it) and Experimental Art (Allow visitors to interact with one another through digital art concepts). There are also 9 exhibits which are locally themed and unique to Singapore.

(Acrobatic Feats – an example of Object Art)

After peeping at a bathing woman, can you believe my boyfriend really 劈腿?(loosely translates to stepping on two boats with one leg i.e. unfaithful spouse)alive44But it is ok, I still have a figure that I am proud of.

(Show me your Figure – an example of Object Art)


(A Dog’s Revenge – an example of Trick Art)

What a good doggie! It shall be re-named, a girlfriend’s revenge.


This place has cartoon characters like Kungfu Panda as well. And yes, I would not see Chocolate ice-cream in the same light anymore.

(Heroes – Kungfu Panda)


(Mother’s Arms – an example of Trick Art)


(Infinity Floor)


(Levitational Room)


(Tunnel’s Desperate Struggle)


Besides one or two scary exhibits (Note: Enter Powder Room at your own risk. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you about it), most of the other exhibits are pretty cute.

Just like this one.

(The Doll)



alive22This comes after watching the Commonwealth Games and JJ is eager to take on a worthy competitor. 🙂

(Table Tennis)


I took on a competitor too. (Noticed that my hair is actually flying? They had air jets placed within the art work so that when you are standing there, you would activate the sensor and this strong gush of wind would blow against your hair, making the scene look more realistic.)

(The Duel – an example of Digital Art)


It was tough fighting Dragonball and Superman came to my rescue. Lucky me.

(Save me, Superman)alive27

And I rode on a big blue bird on my journey!



I had a chance to go deep down and be a little mermaid too! (Under the sea~~~)

(Mermaid’s World)


I found the Merlion and took a quick shower after all the travelling.

(The Merlion)

alive32Thereafter, JJ and I tried saving cute little penguins that were falling out from a toppling photo frame.

(Penguin Frame)



There are special rooms like this fully mirrored room, called the Disco Room as well. I love this room as it has great lighting – great for taking Facebook profile worthy photos. (Ladies wearing skirts and dresses, look out for the reflective floor!)

(Disco Room)


Here’s introducing another special room that creates an illusion of our actual heights.

(AMES Room)

alive40 alive43

 Overall, JJ and I had loads of fun at Alive Museum Singapore. As we were there on a weekday night, there were lesser people and most of the time, we do not have to wait to take photos at each of the exhibits. This place is highly suitable for families and young couples as there is simply something for every one.


Do note that about 30% of the art works are changed every year and there would be special exhibits during major festivals like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Here are some tips if you are planning a trip to Alive Museum Singapore:

(1) Try going at off-peak hours so that you can have more time to take photos at each exhibit. JJ and I spent around 1.5 hours at the museum and we managed to take photos at all the different exhibits. Do give yourself more time especially for some exhibits where you would need a particular angle to make sure that the effect is apparent.

(2) Although the exhibits are pretty spaced out and photo bombing would be quite rare, please make sure that you are not standing in front of any particular exhibit and thus, blocking other people’s photos. That wouldn’t exactly be very considerate. (不要太白目!)

(3) Look at the signboards next to the exhibits and the Pose Point icons pasted for reference on where you should stand/sit/lie/lean/squat to get the best pictures. Also, take photos from the correct perspective as indicated by the Photo Point icons. When in doubt, seek the staff for assistance.

(4) Bring water as it can get really thirsty from all the laughing and instructing your friends on how to take the photos or the poses that they should be in.

(5) Leave your tripods and selfie sticks at home. At Alive Museum, you would need to take these photos from specific angles and positions. It would take eons if you attempt to set your tripod or your selfie sticks at the specific positions. So, get a staff or a fellow visitor to take your photos and in return, help them with theirs too. I am so glad that I didn’t bring my tripod. Cannot imagine having to change the height, the angle etc at every single exhibit.

+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

Alive Museum Singapore @ Suntec City Mall

Estimated duration of visit: 1.5 to 2 hours

Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults) and $20 (children aged between 3-12). Admission is free for kids under the age of 3. Family package is available at $60 (2 adults and 1 child). Special birthday parties for kids can also be organised at Alive Museum Singapore. Prices start from $468 and the package includes 20 children tickets and 20 kids meals.

Promotion: Like “Alive Museum” on Facebook and get a free Burger King meal at Suntec City (located right beside Alive Museum) with the purchase of a full-priced ticket.

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-372, Suntec City Mall (between Towers 3 and 4), Singapore 038983 (Locate Giant supermarket at B1 and take the escalators to level 3.)

Nearest MRT: Promenade MRT Station (Take Exit C)

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm daily (last admission at 9 pm)


Read up more about my experience at another 3D art museum in Singapore, Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa over here.


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  1. Wow, that’s so cool! Looks like you had lots of fun wth your man. 😉 Makes me want to take my wife and visit. We’ve both never been to Singapore before, but if we ever do, this will be a must see! Do they regularly change or rotate their exhibits?

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