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Stylish, fun-loving and constantly on the lookout for new hangouts and trends.

To me, these are the traits that a blogger for ION Insider (ION Orchard’s blog) should possess.

Thanks to ION Orchard for the invite to the ION Insider Workshop, I met a group of like-minded bloggers for a sumptuous breakfast at Bécasse Bakery and retail therapy at Crate and Barrel, VOM FASS and Penhaligon’s.

becasse group pic new2

ION Insider is the ION Orchard blog which is targeted to launch in July 2014. They are in-search of resident bloggers to cover the categories of Fashion, Beauty, Food and Lifestyle. I was shortlisted to be in the lifestyle category. It feels awesome to be selected for this as I basically pride myself for knowing ION Orchard inside out. You would be able to spot me there at least once a week – eating and shopping.

Our first stop for the ION Insider Workshop is at Bécasse Bakery. This famous artisanal brand hails from Australia and was brought in by jones the grocer. It is known for its French pastries and breads that are freshly made every day by their artisan bakers.

ioninsider-becasse ext

Located at level four of ION Orchard, dining at Bécasse Bakery allows you to draw yourself away from the crowd below and enjoy relaxing moments with a friend or two. It serves all time classics such as Gateau St Honore, Vanilla or Strawberry Mille Feuille, Pistachio Éclair, Flavoured Meringues, and Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tarts.


This place is highly recommended for an Afternoon High Tea session with your BFFs.

ioninsider-becasse3ioninsider-bacasse5ioninsider-becasse6 ioninsider-becasse7ioninsider-becasse 4

Thank you Bécasse Bakery for the wonderful food served. We had a great bonding session and left with overly satisfied (and stuffed) tummies.
ioninsider- becasse4Bécasse Bakery
Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #04-27, Singapore 238801
For Reservations and Enquiries: +65 64798119
Estimated cost: $15-40/pax

After the delightful breakfast served at Bécasse Bakery, we were brought to Crate and Barrel which was just a few steps away from Bécasse Bakery. Crate and Barrel is known internationally for its exclusive housewares and furniture designs.
cratenbarrel ext
Stepping into Crate and Barrel always makes me feel that I am in another world, particularly Europe. This makes perfect sense after learning that the founders, Chicago couple Gordon and Carole Segal, travelled through Europe amassing the prettiest ceramics and dinnerware, and displayed these items on crates and barrels (as they ended up cash-strapped for displays). cratenbarrel12
Crate and Barrel offers a wide selection of household items and furniture.
cratenbarrel big shadecratenbarrel8
Highly recommended for its cookware and bakeware. Note: Pay attention to their interior designs and their intriguing items on display when you shop.
Contrary to popular belief, the items here aren’t that pricey after all. For example, one well-designed plate (See below for “Produce Pun Plate”) costs $4.95. Pretty decent for its quality.
And what’s more, I discovered my dream bed. The beds, sofas and tables here are really chic and elegant looking. From now on, I will make sure that I subscribe to newletters from Crate and Barrel so that my new home would look as cosmopolitan as any apartment in New York. 🙂
cratenbarrel bed
Crate and Barrel (Crate&Barrel)
Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #04-21/22, #03-25, Singapore 238801
For Enquiries: +65 6634 4222
Estimated cost (Listing some items for your reference): $4.95 for “Produce Pun Plate”, $8.95 for “Glory Magarita Glass” and $53.95 for a “Wood-Marble Square Platter”.

The third stop for the ION Insider Workshop is at VOM FASS, known for its quality oils, vinegars and spirits. VOM FASS originated from Germany and is a company that strongly abides by its “Look – Taste – Enjoy” policy. Right after we stepped into the shop, the exhilarated team had prepared plastic spoons so that we could try their proud creations.
vom fass tasting
The first one we tried was the Elderflower Liqueur. This is one of the most popular fruit liqueurs in the shop and it has a strong and sweet lychee aftertaste.
vomfass lychee liquor
We tried the vinegars as well. I love their vinegars. It has a good balance of sweetness and the sour tinge.
vomfass barrels
This is the to-go-shop to get a special gift for a friend who enjoys a good liquor or oils and vinegars that are filled with health benefits.
vomfass small botlesvomfass car
vomfass signboard
What’s good to know is that these products are highly affordable. The Elderflower Liqueur for example, retails at $32 for a 250ml bottle and $17.60 for a 100ml bottle. So, you ought to come on down to VOM FASS to try the products and bring them home. ❤
vom fass ext
Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #04-25, Singapore 238801
For Enquiries: + 65 927282 84

The final stop for the workshop is at Penhaligon’s. This sounds rather cliche but everyone should walk into Penhaligon’s and experience its British royalty charms.
penhaligon ext
Penhaligon’s has a long legacy that traces back to 140 years ago. This British perfumery started out in London where it began collecting the brand’s loyal followers and attracting many newer ones along the way.
penhaligon perfumes
Penhaligon’s scents sold in Singapore are all made in England using the finest rare ingredients. Its fragrances holds two long-standing Royal Warrants and you would be pleased to know that Kate Middleton carried Penhaligon’s White Gardenia Petals scent during her royal wedding and this scent has now been referred to as the “Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Scent”.
penhaligon perfume wall
When we were there, we were introduced to the different fragrances at Penhaligon’s. Do note that the experts at Penhaligon’s would be able to recommend you fragrances that are suitable for you (or suitable for your #ootd).
penhaligon team
I love the Peoneve collection for the sweet floral scent.
penhaligon range
Something else that catches my eye is the Iris Prima fragrance, inspired by ballerinas.
penhaligon iris prima
We had fun sniffing away at Penhaligon’s and feeling much like a royalty with its posh interior design.
penhaligon design
Thank you for having us at Penhaligon’s! ❤
penhaligon group
Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #03-16, Singapore 238801
For Enquiries: + 65 66341040

Overall, this ION Insider Workshop allows me to have a greater understanding of the variety of retail experience that ION Orchard offers shoppers with. Not forgetting, there are also art installations that you should spot around the mall.
ion orchard with shopping bags
Thank you to Bécasse Bakery, Crate and Barrel, VOM FASS and Penhaligon’s for your warm hospitality. And thank you ION Insider for having me. ❤
penhaligon group photo

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