[Singapore’s Beauty Blogger] Intensely smooth hair with Asience Treatment Hair Mask

Asience main

I am sure that you would be familiar with the brand, ASIENCE. It is known to be “made for Asian hair”. I first laid my hands on Asience hair products when I did my exchange programme in Taiwan and stayed in the National Chengchi University (NCCU) hostel for half a year. At that time, I needed to stock up on my daily necessities, fast and cheap. I took a walk around Cosmed and saw the pretty looking Asience bottles on the shelves. (I admit that I am rather shallow sometimes, easily attracted to nice packaging and.. it was pink!) So I decided to try it out. All thanks to it, my tresses survived the cold weather in Taiwan.

asience hair series

For your information, I bought the pink color range which is called SHINE THERAPY. It is recommended for coloured, rebonded and permed hair and it gives you a glossy finish after wash.

Just recently, Asience launched its new product in Singapore and be hail, be hail…

asience bunny (2)

asience hair mask front (2)Benefits of the new Asience Treatment Hair Mask

  • Intensively moisturizes and heals hair, repairing it from inside-out for smooth and soft locks.
  • Effects last up to 96 hours (4 days!) with one application.
  • Smells good on all women – Asience’s feminine oriental fragrances smell like candies and they help to soothe the mind.
  • Contains natural Asian Beauty Essences: Lotus flower, Korean ginseng, Camellia oil, Aloe essence, Pearl and Shell Ginger leaf that keep hair hydrated and moisturized. Its new Asian Beauty Essences contain additional ingredients – Licorice Essence for scalp and Lotus Flower Essence for more moisturized hair.


It is really easy to use too! Instructions are stated clearly on the bottle.

asience hair mask back (2)

  • After shampooing, squeeze excess water out of hair.
  • Apply product liberally on hair, starting from the mid-section to the ends of hair.
  • Leave product on for 5 minutes then wash off thoroughly.
  • Use once a week for best results. (I have been using it twice to thrice a week for my hay hair as it was highly damaged from my recent rebonding.)

Here’s an additional beauty tip from Asience and that is to FEEL BEFORE RINSING.

  • Pick up a small bundle of hair with your thumb, index finger and middle finger.
  • Slide your fingers through to the ends a few times.
  • When hair no longer feels rough, it’s time to rinse off.

As mentioned in the previous post on TrichoKare’s scalp treatment, I am always very concerned about my hay hair, especially after my recent rebonding which totally left it damaged. You can see the split ends and the yellowish parts at the end (due to the lack of nutrients).

asience hair mask - before (2)Asience mask  lack of moisture (2)

Usually, people would comment that my hair is straight and looks healthy but on closer look, it is really contrary to popular beliefs. I guess it is quite apparent from the photos above.

And because my hair is getting so dry, it is harder and harder for me to comb through it after washing.

asience mask - looking at hair (2)

Amidst my hair woes, I received a huge bottle of hair mask from The Sample Store for me to review!~

I have since tried the hair mask twice and I guess I can continue using it a hundred more times since the bottle is so gigantic (180g) and you only require a small lump of hair mask each time.

Take a look at my hair now~

asience combing hair (2)

No problems with brushing through at all. Some parts are still pretty dry (I think those parts are beyond cure and need to be disposed of) but the rest of them have been put under control.

P.S: It is depressing having to use these terms on my hair but I have been doing rebonding since 14 so you can imagine the extent of damage on my tresses.

Other than taming my hair, the hair mask smells great too. Filled with beauty essences, it has a candy floss-like scent and it feels so good when the wind blows and you could smell your hair.

Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER.

asience before and after 3 (1)

What more can I say, less frizz on my hair and it definitely looks shinier! The effects lasted me for about three days too. 🙂

asience me and container (2)

Thank you Asience and The Sample Store! ❤

Remember to redeem your free sample by clicking on the link below!asience with comb (2)


Asience Treatment Hair Mask

  • Available at NTUC, Cold Storage and Sheng Siong
  • Retails at S$18.90 (180g)

Keen to try it out?

Redeem your free Asience Treatment Hair Mask sample here: http://www.ksgpromo.com/AsienceMask/

Enjoy your pampering hair mask session! ❤


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