Hair and Scalp Experts [TK TrichoKare @ orchardgateway]

I must say that I am a very lucky blogger. Right after I did my rebonding in March this year, which really damaged my hair, I keep telling myself that I need to get some scalp and hair treatments done.

And here I am, having this exclusive opportunity to share about my experience at TrichoKare’s new outlet at Singapore’s latest shopping mall – orchardgateway (aka Orchard Gateway). It is located right between 313@Somerset and Orchard Central. What a wonderful world~ ❤

TrichoKare is located at level 2, #02-12 of orchardgateway. Board the escalator, once you see Everlast, walk towards that direction and you will spot TrichoKare.

trichokare ext 2

Took some photos before entering the outlet.
trichokare ext1

You should have seen this advertisement on local newspapers before.

trichokare ext posterSince I have unkempt natural waves, I am always obsessed with doing straightening and rebonding to ensure that my hair stays in place and not constantly look like I’ve just got out of bed. As a result, the chemical processes have taken a toll on my scalp and tresses over these years. Needless to say, you should know how excited I am to try out the treatment!

trichokare counter2

trichokare counterLet me share a little background with you on TrichoKare.

TrichoKare is the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore that features customised European herbal hair remedies formulated by professional herbalist. Its therapy treatment consists of European herbs infusions, which are premium and natural.

trichokare vip4

Some benefits include:

* Increases the blood supply to the scalp that carries nutrients to the follicle
* Stimulates hair follicles to grow hair
* Slows down the progression of hair loss
* Increases your hair strength and elasticity
* Makes your hair fuller, shinier, softer and thicker
* Corrects scalp disorders

My mum has been complaining that my hair keeps dropping all over the place and highly suspected that I may be having hair loss problems. However, I have been reassuring her that normal people drop around 100 strands of hair a day and I have relatively longer hair than anyone else in the family so she tends to spot my hair more often.

BUT, only by coming to TrichoKare, you would be able to know through the professionals whether you are really facing any hair loss or scalp issues.

Before I start with the scalp treatment, there was a 10-minute session with a hair specialist. She used a device to scan my scalp. This step is called the microscopic hair and scalp analysis. I feel so stark naked under the high-tech equipment!

trichokare consultation 2

Here’s the result: Accumulation of dead skin on my scalp + Greasy scalp (Disclaimer: I shampoo my hair every day but I guess you can never be sure if your scalp is really healthy unless you seek the advice of the professionals.)

tricho consultation

After the scalp analysis, I was sent off for my scalp treatment. Passed by this VIP room. So pretty!

trichokare vip

trichokare vip3As it is a new outlet, everything is brand new and sparking clean!

trichokare treatment area

Coupled with magazines to read during the treatment 🙂tricho treatment area 2Starting with the scalp treatment!

My hair specialist is Yvonne. She has a tremendous knowledge of hair and scalp. She was really gentle too.

The first step was the application of the Scalp Rebalancing Essence. It was followed by a relaxing massage. Yvonne kept checking with me if the strength of the massage was too hard. Really sweet of her!

tricho treatment

Look at how happy I am! I love the smell of the herbs too! Makes me feel that everything is so natural and nourishing for my scalp. ❤

trichokare bloggerAfter leaving on the essence for 10 minutes, it’s time for the wash.

trichokare hairwashing

It was continued with the blowing dry and the application of hair tonic. Thereafter, there was another round of massage.

After the treatment, it was time to go under the microscopic analysis again.

Behold, drastic difference in the BEFORE and AFTER photos. Photos on the left hand side are taken BEFORE the treatment whereas those on the right column are the AFTER results.

My scalp is visibly fairer and the huge layers of oil and dead skin around my hair follicles are gone! Hurray!


I am thankful for their professionalism and the results that can be seen through a single session. I am truly impressed.

trichokare review

Took a photo together with the hair specialists and PR of TrichoKare, Alysha. I’ve got to thank Janis (not in the photo) from TrichoKare as well, for helping me with the photo taking! 🙂

Trichokare team

Hope to be able to enjoy other scalp sessions at TK TrichoKare Singapore again! ❤

On a side note, I attended another blogging assignment at Orchard Central that day (It was a DIY Soap making course at Soap Ministry, Singapore) and look at how shiny my tresses are!

soap ministry essential oil hair

[这种快乐是非笔墨所能形容的。感谢TrichoKare Singapore @ orchardgateway and The Sample Store!]


TK TrichoKare Singapore

Early Detection, Early Action! Don’t put it off any longer.

TrichoKare is founded by a certified Trichologist, and all their hair specialists are trained under trichologist to help people who have hair and scalp problems. The hair specialists will consult each client to examine the root condition and underlying cause to your hair and scalp issues. A few to list being dandruff, greasy scalp and acne-prone scalp. We all know that women love taking care of their complexions, but little do we realize that our scalp is part of our skin and it requires just as much taking care of. Sessions with TrichoKare hair specialists are highly pampering and they are able to provide you with tremendous knowledge, understanding and insights on scalp and hair care.

Thank you for being so professional!

TK1For my readers, follow this link for exclusive TrichoKare deals:

  • Intensive Scalp Revitalizing Treatment at $59.99
  • Free Home Care Kit worth $49 + $200 Package Voucher (Worth $587 in total)

TrichoKare outlets:

(1) Velocity@Novena Square #03-19 (Novena MRT Station)

(2) The Clementi Mall #05-11 (Clementi MRT Station)

(3) nex #02-24 (Serangoon MRT Station)

(4) orchardgateway #02-12 (Somerset MRT station)

Opening hours:
11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri, Sun) | 10am – 7pm (Sat)


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