Exit Plan [Reality Escape Game Room in Singapore]

It was a week before Labour Day and I was looking for something interesting to do. There and then, I saw this email in my inbox sent from local events company, Mapwerkz, inviting me to challenge myself at reality escape games in Exit Plan Singapore. Being a firm believer of my high IQ (winks), I accepted the challenge immediately.

[If you are a competitive person who enjoys solving some mysteries, you will definitely love these reality escape game rooms.]

I am not new to escape game rooms. Having tried Trapped, located near Bugis, this the second time I am exploring such first-person reality game. What you have to do is to solve a series of puzzles which will eventually lead to the key for you to escape from the room that you are trapped in. This popular game room concept originated from Japan and the fever caught on in Singapore. Exit Plan Singapore is located at New Bridge Road. I took a train to Chinatown MRT Station and walked to Exit Plan (more details below). Once you see this Korean restaurant called Manbok, look for the door beside it.
1To open the door, you will need a secret code. Vincent, the organiser from Mapwerkz opened the door for us. However, if you are not as lucky as we are, continue reading on to unveil the secret code to enter.
2A little signboard is pasted above the letter box with the opening hours and contact details.

After climbing a flight of stairs to the third level, we were greeted by an interestingly decorated door. With so many arrows pointing inwards, I guess it is a really “inviting” place.
4And indeed, look at who you are greeted by! These three young and fun-loving folks wearing the Exit Plan T-shirts are none other than the founders. No wonder they are filled with so much enthusiasm when they introduced the rooms and the game concept to us.
5Before we were all locked up within the room, we were briefed on the game rules.

[As you can see from what is stated below, the moral of the story is: Do not attempt to do anything that requires brutal force. What you really need is, your BRAIN. I cannot stress this any further.]
Exit Plan has three different rooms with varying levels of difficulty. The beginner’s room is called FOCUS POCUS. We were allowed a slight peek into the room and I saw loads of poker cards on the wall.

7The intermediate level escape room is THE CURSED CHAMBER. This is the room that we tried and it is suitable for 8-12 pax.

There were a total of 9 bloggers and we were given 50 minutes to break out from the locked chamber. Our result was depressing. We shamefully pressed the bell for help twice and we extended the time (we went beyond the 50 mins time limit) AND we were so close to escaping from the room. We probably just need five more minutes. 😦 The room was a little dark but they provided torch lights for us so that we could spot some clues and figure out the locks along the way. Gentle reminder for girls to refrain from wearing skirts. There wouldn’t be any climbing but it would be more comfortable in pants.
9Here’s introducing the third room, FRIENDS OF ERIDEN. Don’t be fooled by this cute poster and the sweet Victorian style room, it is actually the most challenging room in Exit Plan.

Overall, even though we fared badly for the challenge, it was good to hear from the founders that the passing rate for the rooms there is pretty low, some of which as low as 4%. So, don’t fret if you aren’t able to escape from the rooms. Some of the mysteries are really tough! If you are looking for challenges in life, you ought to come here. I heard that it is one of the toughest (and cheapest) reality escape rooms you can find in Singapore and thus, the sense of satisfaction when you manage to break out from the room is over-whelming.

[After the game, just relax and snap some photos with the cute props provided. It works as a reward after killing all the brain cells.]

10Remember to snap a group photo with your comrades! These fellow bloggers are such a fun bunch to work with! 🙂
11Here’s a little reward to thank you for scrolling through the lengthy blog post. I am giving away 6 complimentary tickets to Exit Plan Singapore. Refer to more details on my Facebook Page. Contest ends on 12 May 2014 so you better hurry up! 🙂 [NOTE: GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!]

12Last but not least, you have earned the secret code to enter Exit Plan to… ironically, escape from the place (hope you get what I mean). The security door code is 4242.


Exit Plan – Reality Escape Game in Singapore

Ticket pricing: Off-Peak hours (Monday – Friday before 5pm) – $15, Peak hours (Monday – Friday after 5pm, Saturday and Sunday) – $18, Student (Off-Peak hours only) – $12 and Children (12 years old and below) – $12

Address: 279 New Bridge Road #03-01 Singapore 088752 (climb up from the door beside Manbok Korean Restaurant) (Security Door Code: 4242)

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday: 12pm to 10pm, Friday – Saturday: 12pm to 12am and Sunday: 12pm-10pm

Contact No.: +65 6536 4261

Email Address: info@exitplan.sg

Website: www.exitplan.sg


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      • Yeah, same like SG, it is a craze!

        First time I tried at Times Square outlet, I passed coz my friends and I chose the easiest. Since then, we never won! Hahaha

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