Recommended Hot Spring in Yang Ming Shan, Taiwan 【台湾阳明山泡温泉好舒服!】

It is a good time to enjoy a good hot spring session right now in Taiwan where the weather is pretty chilly. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to a hot spring resort that I was brought to on the recent bloggers’ trip and it is called the Calla Young Garden Resort, 阳明山水会馆.

Being a conservative Singaporean, I always turn down any chances of attempting the legendary hot springs in Taiwan. I do know that they bring about numerous health benefits like better blood circulation which results in better skin, better digestion and many more. However, it is just so awkward to be stark naked and people will just be staring at one another. This time round, it somehow feels O.K. to me since I am not close with the people on the tour (we just met on the trip – but note that we have since became good friends due to our love for traveling). So, I’ve decided to give it a try and then blog about my experience over here! ^^

Yangmingshan is one of the most popular hot spring destinations in Taiwan. I like the hot springs here in that they do not smell bad, unlike the one in Beitou. Look at the photos below. They offer the finest hot spring resorts too! Good place for a company retreat or a romantic date! ^^

calla exterior

I love this resort. It is very posh and clean. There are different kinds of hot springs that you can choose from.

1) Private indoor hot spring (100% Privacy) – We didn’t choose this as we were told that the open concept indoor hot spring has better ventilation but this also means that we have to share the area with strangers.


2) Outdoor hot spring (15% Privacy: Swimsuit allowed) – There is an area where you get purchase your swimwear if you would like to enjoy the outdoor experience. They even placed a big inflated yellow duckling in the pool! (Taiwanese are crazy over the so called 黄色小鸭!)

calla 2IMG_9315IMG_9334calla outdoor

Here’s the changing area. As you can see, it is really big and really clean. Great for cleanliness freaks like me.

calla changing rooms

3) Indoor Open Air Hot Spring (0% Privacy: No swimwear and no towels allowed) (Infamous 裸汤)

calla int guys

Photography is not allowed in this area for the most obvious reasons (photo above is provided by the resort). There is a separate corner for girls and guys so you wouldn’t be seeing weird uncles when you are enjoying the hot spring.

Basically, three different pools in this area with varying temperatures. I could only stay in the first pool, which was the one with the lowest temperature. It was around 39 degree celsius. Note that the temperature at that time was 15 degree celsius so 39 deg was already hot enough for the body.

I have friends who were able to hop to another pool and I really admire their courage! ^^

We were here for about 30 mins. Thereafter, we took a quick shower and changed back to what we were wearing when we first stepped into the place. The entire process felt great – very pampering, very relaxing. It really warmed up my body too! (I tend to have cold hands and feet really fast. Somehow after soaking up in the hot spring, I was able to keep warm the entire day. Amazing.) You also get to see the beautiful mountainous view while enjoying the warm spring water. 🙂

After the hot spring session, we were treated to a sumptuous feast, thanks to the boss of Calla Young Garden Resort. It was really nourishing for the body. Highly recommended for workaholics like me! This restaurant has a great view of the mountainous area.

calla restaurant 1

Look at the spread~

We were served with dishes like Buddha jumps over the wall (佛跳墙), Lobster, Steamed Fish and Black Chicken Tonic Soup (乌鸡汤).

calla food 1calla food 2

This entire set that serves 10 pax costs NTD8,000 (SGD347).

calla menu

Throughout this entire sponsored trip to Taiwan, I really feel treated like a VIP. Had a great virgin experience at Calla Young Garden Resort. Looking forward to more hot spring experiences!

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Calla Young Garden Resort at Yang Ming Shan, Taiwan

If you are keen to give it a try~

Prices: They have different types of rooms in this resort. Rooms that come with interior hot spring range from NTD4,800 to NTD15,075 per night (SGD208-655) depending on the season. If the prices are too steep, there is a cheaper rate for the Bath Houses aka汤屋. It costs NTD800 (SGD34) for a couple on weekdays and NTD1000 (SGD43) for couples on weekends. During peak seasons, usage duration is 1 hour. During off-peak seasons, you can stay in there for 1.5 hours. The Outdoor Public Area and the Indoor Open Air Hot Spring range from NTD400-600 (SGD17-26) per pax, depending on the season. I would personally recommend either the Bath Houses (汤屋) and the Indoor Open Air Hot Spring. 🙂

*Peak season for hot spring: October to March*

*Off-peak season for hot spring: April to September*

Add: No. 33-3, Zhongheli Linkou, Jinshan District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 20841 (It is located at the edge Yangmingshan National Park and the North Shore of Taipei county, Jinshan town.)

Tel : 02-24080001


16 responses to “Recommended Hot Spring in Yang Ming Shan, Taiwan 【台湾阳明山泡温泉好舒服!】

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  2. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  3. While I have not been to Taiwan, the only hot spring that I know of there is Beitou. I didn’t know that Beitou has a bad smell. But this hot spring resort looks very nice. I am not sure though if I am comfortable and confident enough to go to the last pool category! Lol

  4. Hi Jing Ting, I’m wondering would you know any of the accommodation with private hot spring for couple? Preferably budget below SGD250 per night. I’ve got trouble looking for it and I’m planning for my taiwan trip which I have 0 knowledge about it 😦

  5. Would you mind to let me know your itinerary to Taiwan? And what are the expenses and budget like? I’m really on low budget, hoping not to use more than SGD1000 for 7 days. Please help me! 😦

  6. Hello, the pool is open fo general public right? Do we get to buy the tickets to go there online or only can be brought when we reach there? 🙂

    • Hi there, the hot springs are open to public. They generally accept walk-in cases but if you are going this period (feb-april) would suggest that you drop them a call or email to secure a slot as this is the best period for hot springs. 🙂

  7. 阳明山水会馆 hotspring looks great! Thanks for the photos and information! Will be putting this in my todo list for my next taiwan trip in august. 🙂

    Just to ask, which tour did you sign up for?

    • Hi there, I was there to promote Taiwan’s tourism industry. And yes, if you are looking for a well-managed and clean hot spring place, this is awesome! You wouldn’t regret it!

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