[Singapore’s Travel Blogger] A date with Harley Davidson 【台湾哈雷主题餐馆】

Nope, this is not in Las Vegas, it’s TAIWAN.

It is my first time going to a Harley Davidson themed cafe in my entire life and I was so excited once I stepped out from our mini bus. In fact, all of us on the sponsored trip to Taiwan were just busy snapping away with the hunks and… the bikes of course. ^^

This restaurant is a new venture by a few Taiwanese guys who love Harley Davidson. They named this place TP Motor Club, 铁皮重机俱乐部. It is located in a secluded part of Taipei, within the Sanzhi district. However, it is worth a visit especially if you are a die hard fan of Harley Davidson.


The outdoor dining area where you can get to see (and touch) the men with tattoos. I feel so petite standing beside them. But it is just so fun coming up with so many poses. 🙂



This guy has a tattoo that reads ‘HD’ on his neck. What a loyal Harley Davidson fan!tw 009

And here’s the interior of the cafe. As you can see, it is very well-decorated. I’m sure they spent a huge amount on these Harley Davidson memorabilia. This place would make a great cafe for gathering with friends.

IMG_9405 IMG_9406firechief new

Just some trivia, the first Harley Davidson Cafe opened in New York City in 1993 by restaurateur Mr Marc Packer who then brought the brand to different places. The cafe in Las Vegas for example features 15 custom motorcycles. Similarly, this TP Motor Club in Taiwan also showcases various Harley Davidson models.tw 011

Not to forget, there is also a mini museum that features different models of their classic motorcycles.IMG_9409 IMG_9410

We didn’t manage to try out any food over there due to the rush on this bloggers’ trip so I decided to find out online about other people’s reviews. I must say that most of the comments are pretty positive!

Do note that their main courses range from NTD299-799 (SGD13-34). They serve food like steak, hamburgers and curry rice.

tp motor review tp motor review 2

Hope I would have a chance to head there again soon! Thank you so much to the friendly boss and restaurant manager for their hospitality. We took a really candid photo together. 🙂

tp motor bosses


TP Motor Club at Taipei, Taiwan

Add: No. 126-1, Sanjhih District, New Taipei City 252, Taiwan 25244 (Along San Zhuang Zi Road)

Tel: +886 2 8635 1166

Opens 10am to 9pm (Closed on Wednesdays)



3 responses to “[Singapore’s Travel Blogger] A date with Harley Davidson 【台湾哈雷主题餐馆】

  1. Definitely a unique place. I haven’t been to a cafe with a motorcycle theme, but have been to other themed cafe’s and they were usually quite fun and entertaining to visit. There are many of these in the US and some parts of Canada, but I would never imagine one in Taiwan 🙂

    Excellent documentation and photos! 🙂

    • Yes, Mike! There are loads of themed restaurants in Taiwan like vintage cars cafe, ninja restaurants, Hello Kitty cafe and even movie-related ones. Surprised to see this All American Cafe popping out. A good attempt nevertheless and we enjoyed ourselves there! 🙂

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