[Mapwerkz Blogger] Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Lovewerkz Party

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all! I know that I am lagging by a week but I have been very busy filming lately. Glad that I am able to find some time out today to share about the Lovewerkz event that I attended on Valentine’s Day. This event is organized by Singapore’s new event company Mapwerkz, founded by the lovely couple. Vincent and Elgena.

As an official blogger for this event, I had an extra invite to the party and I am so glad that I have my friend of 10 years, HM, to go with me.


This event was held at Chameleon Club located at 22 Dempsey Road, just beside the famous Carnivore restaurant.


Here’s the ticket that entitles us to a free drink for the night.


And the friendly bartender for the evening who agreed to pose for my series of “action photos”.


And here we have – Mine was cranberry with vodka and HM’s was cranberry juice.


jtwithhuiminanddrinksAfter chilling at the club for some time, DJ Sonja from Power 98 announced the start of the party.


Dance crew from EV.OLVE Dance Factory performing at the party.


And then, the games started. As this event is organized in conjunction with V day, most of the games were planned for couples so my only participation was to take photos! PHEW ^^


After the rounds of games, it was time for the lucky draw. Honestly, I love the kind of anticipation waiting for people to draw the lots and then announce the winner. However, I wasn’t pinning high hopes on this as I was there for the fun and to blog about it. That’s all. But… Guess what?


THEY READ OUT MY NAME! My jaw dropped.

The next thing was, I shook hands with the representative of Fischer Audio, one of the event sponsors.

And, this belongs to me now.


This is the SECOND PRIZE, Fischer Audio Renaissance Hi-fi Wood Headphones. Look at it! It is definitely the kind of headphones that would get a lot of envious stares when you wear it to school. *Doing the banana wave*

The funny thing is that my friend, HM, won the FIRST PRIZE – 3D2N Stay at Hotel Nirwana. We are really very lucky! I guess we must be sitting at the fengshui place. Even Vivian, a Malaysian blogger based in Singapore, won a Hello Kitty waffle maker from a game she participated in!

See how happy we are! 🙂


Not forgetting, there were goodie bags for every one so people who weren’t as lucky as us *blink blink* wouldn’t be going home empty handed.

There’s Taiwan Sweet Touch Fruit Beer, sachets of LA Coffee, Fischer Audio Stereo Headphones, sweets from Lolly, sample packs from Palmer’s and post-its from 3M.


It was fun chilling out with the great company, a great cup of cranberry vodka and loads of music and fun. Thanks to Mapwerkz for their invitation. Looking forward to their upcoming events. 🙂

P.S: I will be blogging about how I celebrated V day with Jj soon. Stay tuned! ❤


4 responses to “[Mapwerkz Blogger] Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Lovewerkz Party

    • Hi Mike, it was only the first game that was “worrying”. Haha we got a shock when they introduced the first game. Singapore is quite a conservative society. Luckily the other games were pretty decent. ^^

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