Shangrila Leisure Farm 【香格里拉休闲农场】

After having so much fun at the other farms with bloggers from different countries, we finally arrived at the farm that is already highly popular among Singaporeans, the Shangrila Leisure Farm 香格里拉休闲农场 in Yilan, Taiwan. There are many tour packages over here that would offer trips to the Shangrila Leisure Farm. It is not surprising after visiting the farm to understand why it is so well-known.

First of all, I must say that this place feels more like a resort rather than an actual farm where you can see farm animals. It has a very strong countryside feel with the cottage-like architecture and designs. You wouldn’t be able to get this anywhere in Singapore. Also, there are a variety of activities to try out in the farm.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what it has to offer! ^^


We checked in to the hotel at the main lobby and then walked up a little slope to the main building that we will be staying in for the night. The room is very big and it provides a great view of the nature.shangri2The facilities in the room are rather simple and Wifi is only available at the lobby area. I am so glad that I stayed with a Taiwanese blogger, Anise that night and she taught me how to tap on her wifi! Awesome! ^^

shangri3As this is a farm, one thing you can do over here is to tour the entire farm area on the mountain. The weather was clear and cool so it was enjoyable for us.

shangri4We had a young tour guide showing us around, introducing to us about the vegetation that we see in the farm.shangri5There are loads of things to do in the mountains. You can play with the massive drum and play on the mega swings. There are also adventure bridges that you can climb. Not recommended to those who have phobia of heights.shangri6It was relaxing for us to tour the farm, take in the beautiful scenery (the blooming cherry blossoms) and inhale the fresh, crisp air at this altitude.

shangri7Don’t worry that you might get bored during your visit at this farm. It gets even more exciting at night as they have lined up different activities for hotel guests. First up, we learnt how to make a sky lantern from scratch. We had to glue up the sheets of paper and then write our wishes on it.

shangri8Here are my wishes. Hope they will be fulfilled! We had fun with the end-product before sending it into the sky. Look at how creative the Malaysian travel writers are! They threw the sky lantern over the Chinese blogger, Rocks and placed his hat right at the top! Looks like some strange monster from outer space! shangri9

Thereafter, we participated in a simple activity where we made silkworms out of a normal pencil, a piece of tissue and a little part of a drinking straw. Take a look at my creation. Does it look like a real silkworm?


After making the sky lanterns and our own silkworms, it is time for our dinner! We laughed a lot while we were making the silkworms so we got really hungry. I must say the food at Shangrila Leisure Food is pretty decent. In particular, I liked the fried platter!

shangri11shangri12After dinner, it was time to move around again. See? They have so much planned for all visitors. There was the releasing of firecrackers and lots of dancing. They will distribute red packets to those who participate in their activities.


After the “merry-making”, it was down to getting our hands dirty where we made tangyuan aka glutinous rice balls. They provided us with the mixtures. All we need to do was to mould the rice balls! As bloggers, we were busy snapping photos of the tangyuan making process. 🙂


We aren’t the professionals but it turned out great! I took 6 rice balls in total and enjoyed them.  shangri16

Finally, the skies were dark enough for us to release our sky lanterns. However, it started pouring but I guess it wouldn’t be that nice to cancel this activity as we have made our own sky lantern and written our wishes all over it. So we went ahead. Had to be drenched in the rain but I managed to get cool pictures. Take a look – it is the battle of the sky lanterns against the forces of nature. The rain drops look like snow!

IMG_9247 IMG_9249There were many visitors around us when we were releasing the sky lanterns. Both the kids and the adults were very excited when they saw the sky lanterns in the air and were busy exclaiming, “Did you see where our sky lantern went?” and “Wow! It is flying very high!”. You can just tell that everyone enjoyed themselves.

The last activity before we called it a day was to visit their new building which comprises of an area that serves Halal food (It is an interesting idea. Rarely heard of any restaurants in Taiwan that prepare Halal dishes.) and very well-decorated hotel rooms.  When we were there in early January, the rooms were still being furnished and cleaned up. It is now available for reservations so start making your bookings to this farm! Modern hotel rooms with a Japanese twist.


It was another fulfilling day spent at Shangrila Leisure Farm. The activities conducted are more towards the traditional Chinese culture. So if you would like to learn more about it, be sure to head to this place!

P.S.: Read up on an article I wrote for My Paper on the farms in Taiwan over here. Guess I am becoming a Taiwan farm expert aka 台湾农场达人soon! 🙂


Shangrila Leisure Farm at Yilan, Taiwan

What’s so good: Great for the traditional Taiwanese experience where you stay in the countryside, take a stroll on the tranquil mountains, participate in activities like the making and releasing of sky lanterns and the making of glutinous rice balls. They have packages that start from NTD3500 (SGD152) for two where accommodation, breakfast & dinner, farm tour and DIY activities are included.

If you are keen to give it a try~

Add: 269, Mei Shan Road No. 168, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan

Official Website:

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