Shengyang Aquaculture Leisure Farm 【胜洋休闲农场】

Here’s introducing another great farm that you can visit in Yilan, Taiwan – The Shengyang Aquaculture Leisure Farm aka Sheng Yang Aquatic Plants Farm 【胜洋休闲农场】. It is the biggest water grass cultivation farm in Taiwan.

There are many things that you can do over here but the most important one would be to try out their exquisite cuisine at the Water Plants Restaurant.

This restaurant is well-decorated with a pond right in front of the dining area, the amazing lights that are filled with aquatic plants and the interesting washing basin in the restroom. 🙂




Don’t be afraid when you see these little goldfishes in the washing basin!


After getting very excited over the lovely decorations, we are ready to have our food served. Just take a look at how pretty they are.

We had salad, cherry tomatoes, pasta served in a bun, pork and pudding. Many of them had edible aquatic plants in them. They taste juicier than the usual veggies served on our plates. Be sure to try these dishes when you are there! Highly recommended!



After a satisfying lunch, we proceeded to the main area.


A souvenir shop. Great place to get gifts for your family and friends. It would be hard to find these items elsewhere.


We also had an opportunity to do some DIY with frozen flowers (急冻花DIY). I really enjoy working on stuff and I love it that farms in Taiwan offer these valuable chances for visitors to create something that we can call our own.

We started with little, fragile-looking stalks of flowers and started poking them into a little green spongy base provided. Our female guide told us the steps and guided us along the way.

shuicao8It was seriously fun choosing the color of the flowers that you want and personalizing your own miniature glass container. I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice that most of the people around me are already done and I was still busy poking away. ^^

Look at how happy we look and in the inset, my personalized frozen flower vase. Do you like it? It is sitting in front of my work desk now. Just so therapeutic looking at it. 🙂


After the DIY, we had some time to walk around the farm, enjoying the scenery.


Also, there is this small aquatic plants museum that you can tour.



Shengyang Aquaculture Leisure Farm at Yilan, Taiwan

What’s so good: Great for the food. Try their creative dishes, many of which are infused with aquatic plants. They taste really nice and you get to dine in a restaurant with wonderful ambience. There is a Water Plants Leisure Package deal that is priced at NTD400 (SGD17) per pax. It includes a guided farm tour, DIY Water Plants Eco bottle activity, afternoon tea and fishing.

If you are keen to give it a try~

Add: No.15-6, Bajia Rd., Shun De Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan


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  2. Can you tell me how to get there from Taipei? Is there simple accommodation in or near the farm? Is the farm open for visit everyday and what time opening

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