Exclusive Media Launch of Fou-dré Vodka in Singapore

The media launch of Fou-dré (read as Foo-Dray) Vodka in Singapore brings me back to the beautifully furnished Fullhouse Signature at Clarke Quay.

photo (1) jpeg

And here’s how the much talked about Fou-dré Vodka bottle looks like. It is very sophisticated. If you take a closer look at the photos below, the purple-colored bottle is in the shape of a lightning bolt. The word Fou-dré means lightning in French.

The name and the shape of the bottle will definitely leave a lasting impression on Vodka lovers.


Apparently, the creator of this new Vodka, Chanel Turner disliked the burning sensation of Vodka and tested 80 different formulas before settling on this particular version, making it “the right one”. Due to its unique taste, Fou-dré Vodka bagged many awards including Triple Gold at the Micro Liquor Spirits Awards in 2012, Gold at the Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards and Gold in the Top 50 for best flavored Fruit Vodka.

This Vodka which you will soon be able to taste in Singapore is naturally infused with 100% real fruits like pomegranate and it is 40% alcoholic.

photo (18)

Being one of the first few to try this newly launched Vodka in Singapore, I would like to share some of my views on it. Due to the 5 distillations done, there is no burning sensation in the throat after drinking it. (I am sure most would girls will really love this.) I couldn’t really taste any particular fruits in the Vodka but it is slightly more aromatic than other Vodkas. Best enjoyed neat over ice or mixed with some soda.

This new Vodka will be available in Singapore on 28 February 2014. You can find it at www.onlineliquorshop.sg (Pre-ordering has already started. Each 750ml bottle is priced at SGD118.) and retail outlets like Cold Storage.

For more information, do refer to their Fou-dré Vodka Singapore Facbook Page.

Thank you Mapwerkz for the event invitation! 🙂


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