Cang Jiu Winery 【藏酒酒庄】

Day Two of the sponsored trip to Taiwan brings me to Cang Jiu Winery, a wine cellar where you can sample wine, see how they are stored and have a chance to do some DIY using kumquats. 🙂

It is located right within Toucheng Leisure Farm and managed by Jack Cho, the eldest brother of the Cho Family. It is also the first private winery in Yilan. The entire design, coupled with the scenery makes me feel like I am in Japan!

Here is the map of the winery and our amazing tour guide.

cangjiu1Our first stop is right here, behind a massive door decorated using traditional wine jars.

When we stepped in, we saw tables filled with materials for our DIY activity and we will be making preserved kumquats(蜜金枣)to bring home. These kumquats look like mini oranges but taste like a fusion of limes and oranges. They serve as effective remedies for colds and sore throats.

cangjiu2We washed our hands and we started with the DIY. First, we had to use wooden sticks to poke holes in the kumquats so that the flavors could seep through. Thereafter, we have to marinate them using loads of salt. Finally, we have to put them into a pot of water and boil.

It is pretty fun!

cangjiu3We had to wait for about 30 mins before it will be ready so we visited the wine cellar just next door.

IMG_8711And when we are back, we noticed the difference in the color of the mixture. Compare the picture on the top right hand corner and the bottom right hand corner. It turned from colorless to milky state. The flavors are bursting and we could smell them once we stepped back into the room.

cangjiu4We started getting busy with the packing. It is like a factory process belt, initiated by Red Rocks, blogger from China.

Notice that the jars are placed upside down as this can create a vacuum.

cangjiu5We are not done yet. We had to paste stickers on the jars, wrap them nicely with a floral cloth, tie a bow around it and place the completed jars into the box provided.

And… We are all satisfied with our factory’s productions! Great job to our international team from China, Malaysia and Singapore! 🙂

This end-product can last for three months.

cangjiu6Next up, this is something that we are all looking forward to! The wine tasting. ^^

Since the weather was pretty cold, it was suitable for some wine. Not forgetting to mention that Cang Jiu Winery is known for its smooth and sweet wine.

They have grape wine, kumquat wine and a very high alcoholic content wine called 五糧液酒, a wine made from five kinds of grains. It tasted a bit like soju. Many of the guys flushed after a few cups but continued drinking. We really loved the wine sampling session. It works for me as I hate the strong burning sensation whenever I drink liquor with high alcoholic content. Fear not, you wouldn’t burn your throat over here. 🙂

cangjiu7 cangjiu8

After that, it was time for dinner. It feels like a high-class dinner served at a five-star hotel. Just take a look at the cuisine served.

Also, this is a no-menu restaurant so please don’t expect them to present you with a menu when you head there. Be rest assured that they will serve you with the best they can offer.

For your information, all the food here taste wonderful. They must have hired a Michelin chef. ^^


Coupled with the farm tour at Toucheng Leisure Farm, it was a wholesome and fulfilling trip. Parents can enjoy themselves with all the wine at Cang Jiu Winery whereas kids can have fun exploring the farm and participating in the farm activities at Toucheng. What a great way to spend some time as a family! 🙂

tw 005


Cang Jiu Winery at Yilan, Taiwan

What’s so good: Great for adults. Do sample the high quality wine and buy some back for friends and relatives! They have tour packages that start from NTD900 (SGD39) per pax. It includes DIY activities, lunch, visit to the wine cellar and wine tasting.

If you are keen to give it a try~

Add: No. 126-150, Gēngxīn Rd, Toucheng Township, Yilan County, Taiwan


8 responses to “Cang Jiu Winery 【藏酒酒庄】

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  3. We visited the winery in October 2015 and were highly impressed with the Black Queen red wine fermented in steel. Earthy flavors of black fruit, cocoa, and currants. We bought a bottle, a steal at US $14. If we weren’t traveling overseas by air, we would have purchased a case. Truly international quality.

  4. Hi, can i just check with you whether we need to book the package before hand if we want to go to the winery? And is it possible if we only want visit the winery?

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