Toucheng Leisure Farm【头城农场】

I’ve once read a quote that says, “Good farmers, who take seriously their duties as stewards of creation and of their land’s inheritors, contribute to the welfare of society in more ways than society usually acknowledges, or even knows. These farmers produce valuable goods, of course; but they also conserve soil, they conserve water, they conserve wildlife, they conserve open space, they conserve scenery.”

This is exactly what I derive from the farm visits in Taiwan, especially so from Toucheng Leisure Farm. They have placed so much emphasis on highlighting the nature of Taiwan and preserving the captivating scenery. At the same time, they have injected life into the farm by re-creating the farm experience, offering opportunities for farm-goers to interact with the environment that they are in. As a Singaporean, living in a highly built-up society, I really appreciate the chance for me to feel the nature and what it provides me with.

In this post, I will be sharing the things that you can do at Toucheng Leisure Farm.

1) Appreciate the natural scenery and the breath of fresh air – Experience for yourself how picturesque this place is.

IMG_8676 IMG_8793IMG_8790

I just woke up and can’t wait to visit the farm in its entirety. Taking a picture with the figurines made from tree branches. 🙂


2) Have a hearty and healthy breakfast to kick start the day. They provide organically certified breakfast!


3) Play with the dog, Huang Jin (Gold, in English). Huang Jin is the beloved pet of the farm owner and it is the best ambassador of the farm.


After basking in the sun, he decides to follow us on the farm tour.


4) Authentic Farm Tour – See, smell and even taste the plants that they have in the farm!

Here’s the map of Toucheng Leisure Farm.


Our amazing guide, Hunter Lin aka Ah Da educating us on the different crops that we see and their functions.

5) Transplanting rice seedlings (插秧)

Never did I anticipate that I would be able to plant rice seedlings in Taiwan! How cool is that?

IMG_8892 IMG_88966) Feed farm animals – Animal feed is provided for free in the farm.

There are ducks, goats and water buffaloes. Common farm animals. 🙂


7) Plucking kumquats (金枣)- Visitors get to pluck the kumquats and learn how to eat these yummy fruits. (Many steps involved. It’s complicated.)

It looks like mini oranges and it tastes like the fusion of orange and lime. These kumquats can be used to make into refreshing drinks. Read here to see how we made preserved kumquats. They offer a good relief for sore throats.


8) Soak into the atmosphere of old-school Taiwanese farms – Visit huts that farmers stay in!

This hut was recently featured in their local TV show, 《含笑食堂》.


9) Make your own pizza – This is one of the activities that I really enjoyed! The pizzas that we made tasted so good!

Our guide showed us how to make the pizza and we started making our own. It was so simple. Instructions were written on the white board too.


Malaysian travel writers Ailin and Moon with our pre-baked pizza. 🙂


Pizzas in the pre-heated kiln. Can’t wait to taste the pizza.


Pizza is taken out and then cut into pieces.IMG_8933IMG_8928

Ready to be served by Waitress cum Wanderer Jing Ting. 🙂


Pizza is finger-licking good! I think the main reason is because it is fired in a kiln. Definitely added more depth to the pizza. This is a must-try activity in the farm!

10) Adventure in the farm – There are obstacle courses available in the farm that looks just like what we have in Outward Bound Singapore. Highly recommended for corporate bonding sessions. (Photos provided by Toucheng Leisure Farm.)

PA0033 PA0028

11) DIY Toucheng Souvenir – Get to create souvenirs using leaves from the farm!

At this farm, there are activities for you and your family right through the night. We arrived here after our dinner for some fun DIY.


We had to select the kind of leaves that we want, add different colors of paint on the leaves and then paste them on either the tote bag or the scarf. I chose the tote bag as it is more functional for me. (FYI, my mum is using the tote bag now. She loves it! ^^)


Big leaves selected. I am not an artistic person. Decided that this would save the hassle and minimize the mess. 🙂


Very soon~~~ My exclusively designed tote bag. FMW stands for Follow My Wanders, the initials of my blog. Do you like it? (Please don’t be too critical. :p)


12) Farm stay – Complete the farm experience by staying here for a night.

The facilities aren’t comparable to the five star hotels in the city but the room is pretty clean and it offers a serene night of rest.


There are just so many things to do at Toucheng Leisure Farm.

Asked fellow Taiwanese for their honest opinions and learnt that Toucheng is a really popular farm, especially among parents (even Taiwanese popular host Dee Hsu, 小S and her daughters love this farm). They like to bring their kids here to learn more about the biodiversity. Also, since there are so many things to do on this farm, kids will be drained and wouldn’t have time to create nuisances of themselves. So parents will have a good time too! 🙂

Overall, I really had a great time at Toucheng. Thanks to the second-generation owner, Jacky Cho (top left hand corner) for having us and the wonderful guide, Hunter Lin (bottom right hand corner) for showing us around the place.

tw 004

Read up on an article I wrote for My Paper on the farms in Taiwan over here. Guess I am becoming a Taiwan farm expert aka 台湾农场达人soon! 🙂


Toucheng Leisure Farm at Yilan, Taiwan

What’s so good: Great for families with kids. It is also a wonderful place to get closer to the nature and interact with it. Do note that they have special packages available. Starts from NTD1200 (SGD52) for adults and children above 10 years old for a one day tour in the farm. Farm guide, material fees for DIY activities and food provided. Click here for more.

If you are keen to give it a try~

Add: No. 125, Gēngxīn Rd, Toucheng Township, Yilan County, Taiwan

15 responses to “Toucheng Leisure Farm【头城农场】

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  2. Fantastic article! So much detail and energy plus some excellent photos to help us along the way. Taiwan is an amazing place; and really diverse, too. Being a rather populated island, it is incredible how many scenic and natural areas can be found. Toucheng Leisure Farm looks like a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for your compliments! I really love traveling in Taiwan and has been there countless times. Just hope to be able to share my experiences with other travelers. Glad you liked the post! 🙂

    • Yes, I was glad to be able to go on a sponsored bloggers’ trip to the most popular farms in Taiwan and I really enjoyed them! What a relaxation! Even the locals enjoy the farm visits. Be sure to visit the farms when you head to Taiwan. 🙂

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  5. Hi , would like to find out if you travel to Tou Cheng Farm via public transport and how to go about doing it. Thanks.

  6. appreciate it if you can let me know which website to look for the info. I tried to look at Tou Cheng’s website but they do not mention about coach. Only train which takes 2 hr to reach there. Thanks.

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