Green World Ecological Farm 【绿世界生态农场】

The trip to Green World Ecological Farm marks the official start of the 5D4N Taiwan Farm tour that I have been invited to.

This is definitely a farm not to be missed as there are loads of things to see over here. It spans over 70 hectares in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and presents visitors with a diversity of animals and plants. Be sure to bring your camera along to take photos of some of the very cute animals in the farm. 🙂


They have a new zone which is the Alpaca area. So, many of their publicity materials include this really cute creature! 🙂IMG_8443 Entering the farm…


We started on the sightseeing route which begins with the Swan Lake. At the first location, we were greeted by the magnificent birds.. the Pelicans! I have only seen them in cartoons so it was an eye opener to see them in real life and also, extremely up close. (Just a piece of advice over here, don’t stand too near to them. One of them is pretty aggressive. :p)

interesting bird

The graceful swan in the lakeswan

The colorful macaws. They have a macaw show every 1.5 hours. Loads of kids love this show and honestly speaking, I enjoyed it too! The macaws are so cute! They can do simple mathematics, identify shapes, raise flags, play basketball, cycle, roller skate and many more.parrots

parrots 2

And now, comes the highlight of the entire farm visit… The ALPACAS! These alpacas have a very interesting Chinese name, 草泥马. If you can speak Mandarin, you should know that it is completely not suitable for these cute little things. How unfortunate.

As the biggest and latest attraction in the farm, crowds are drawn to it, busy snapping away. They even have alpaca-related merchandise sold in the farm.

My personal observation of the alpacas is.. They are extremely jaded. Perhaps there are just too many visitors to the farm every day. They just couldn’t be bothered by tourists and the cameras pointed at them. So, you don’t have to worry about them attacking you. In fact, I went really close to the baby alpaca and it was just busy gnawing away. Watch the video here.

alpaca 1 alpaca 2

They are really harmless creatures so they were allowed to walk and graze the green pasture. We were all crowding around them. 🙂

One interesting thing to share. We heard from the tour guide that the way they express their anger is through spitting their saliva. One of my friends said, what a weak method of attacking their supposed enemies. Then, the tour guide continued, they can kick you with their legs too! :s

alpaca 3

Of course, as this is a farm visit, there are loads of opportunities for hands-on too!

farm experienceIMG_8600

And vegetation to see.. (Heard that Africans place these seeds in front of their toilets to indicate Ladies and Gents.)


IMG_8626After a morning’s tour, we had lunch at the Hakka Ancient Restaurant located in the farm. As a Hakka, I love Hakka food and the food here is pretty decent. Look at the spread we had! All for the price of NTD3000 (around SGD130) and it is more than enough for 10 pax. Hakka lunchgroup of ushakka food

Overall, I had a great time at the Green World Ecological Farm. It is a great place to spend the day and provides good learning opportunities. Best for parents to bring their kids for bonding sessions. To me, Green World feels more like a zoo as it is pretty well-managed with loads of animals to see. Would definitely hope to visit this place again with my friends. 🙂


Green World Ecological Farm at Hsinchu, Taiwan

What’s so good: Great for families with kids. The latest attraction, the alpacas will definitely intrigue you and your child.

If you are keen to give it a try~

Add: No. 20, Dahu Village, 7th Neighborhood, Beipu, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Opening hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Admission Tickets: NTD350 (SGD15) for adults, NTD280 (SGD12) for children and senior citizens
Official Website:

11 responses to “Green World Ecological Farm 【绿世界生态农场】

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    • Hi there! I went on a guided bloggers’ trip so the driver followed us everyday. I would recommend that if you are going with more than 3 pax, you can rent a cab to that place. Let me know if you need recommendations for local drivers. 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m planning a trip for the family, and having a driver will really ease things alot. Would you have recommendations for local drivers? Thanks much!

    • Hi there,

      Yes, I do have recommendations for Taiwanese drivers – they are friendly and responsible too! 🙂

      (1) 吕来福 0928-569081
      (2)谢志航(Alan)0926-448666 / 0922-160123 /

      By the way, those random taxi drivers on the roads do offer day trips at rather competitive rates too. You can always check with them and ask for their quotation.

  4. Hi Jingting, enjoyed reading your blog. Just to check if by any chance do you know if the park provide any rental of stroller or pram? Thinking of bringing my toddler there for a visit. Thanks Jean

    • Hi Jean! I was at Green World twice but I didn’t see any strollers or prams around. I think it might be hard to push them around on strollers as there are many steps, cobbled paths and grass patches around. However, I would still encourage you to bring your child there as it is a really great place to expose your kid to different animals (like the alpaca). I see so many kids, albeit very young (about 3 years old), running around the farm. They love the parrot show too. 🙂

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