E-da Theme Park 【义大游乐世界】

IMG_7155 IMG_7156

Look at the cute tickets! And yes, we went to another theme park in Taiwan. It is called E-da Theme Park 义大游乐世界, located in Kaohsiung. I saw it being featured on Taiwanese popular travel show 就要酱玩and have been looking forward to visiting this amusement park. Glad that I have Jj to go with me. 🙂


We are entering the premises~


These weird things are the mascot for the theme park. You will get to see them everywhere! 🙂


They have loads of souvenir shops all around the park. One of them is the Greece Lounge located near to the entrance of the park.IMG_7179 IMG_7180

I was the one who planned the itinerary. Aimed to finish all the rides and attractions within its opening hours. We didn’t manage to do it though. There were just too many things here and there. Honestly, we also spent loads of time taking photos. One suggestion will be to take the rides once you enter the park and then take photos around the park after the rides close. The rides stop at 5pm whereas the park closes at 5.30pm so there will be half an hour to take photos. And during that time, there will also be lesser people who will bomb your pictures. 🙂

Well, there is a massive trojan horse near the city of Troy. Rather impressive!


One of the rides that we tried was this 4D show. It turned out to be quite kiddish. ;p


We also went in to a haunted house. There was a super long queue, I think the longest queue in the entire theme park. Originally, I didn’t want to go in but since Jj wanted to see how it looks like, I decided to accompany him.

So, we queued for 20 minutes and it was finally our turn. All of us were split into groups of 8 so we went in with 6 other guys. Before we went in, I requested for the 6 guys to go in first. Being gentlemen, they agreed. But this “agreement” turned out to be a big joke.

So, these 6 guys had to decide who wanted to go in first. Then they nudged one of the guys and he moved to the front. albeit unwillingly. Thereafter, we started our journey. Trust me, I never had such a funny encounter in a haunted house before. Throughout the entire walk around the house, the two guys in front kept saying 你不要出来哦!Don’t come out! Hearing that, I started giggling. And then halfway through the “excursion”, the guy in front said, 第一个很恐怖的,好不好!It is scary being the first in the line. I totally couldn’t take it anymore. I think he must have heard me giggling at the back. Can you imagine, they are tall and manly and they behave so kiddish-ly in the haunted house. THIS ENTIRE BUNCH OF TAIWANESE TEENS ARE SO FUNNY!

So, Jj and I walked out of the entire place laughing instead of feeling spooked. What an experience! ^^


The highlight of the entire trip will have to be this part of the park where the architecture were all in white and blue and there is this cobblestone path. Feels like we are in Santorini! It made me so happy. ^^IMG_7215 IMG_7220 IMG_7229 IMG_7233 IMG_7241 IMG_7252

Remember to climb up for more!


The entire theme park is really cutesy. You can see loads of gingerbread men around the place and cute mascots. Highly suitable for families with little kids.

This is one of the cutesy places – the Candy Kingdom!


Hello! I can see you!

IMG_7264 IMG_7268 IMG_7270



And then we walked into this shop that sells all these candies in interesting packaging.


I bought the red Vitamin pill as I just can’t resist its cute-ness. It is about SGD4. The price is rather steep but you are getting it for the packaging and some say, the happiness when you just look at it.

IMG_7284 IMG_7289 IMG_7290

Jj and his medication. ;p


Me with loads of gingerbread men.


Of course, we got hungry from all the walking and photo-taking so we decided on having lunch at this Hakka restaurant. Both Jj and I are Hakkas so why not try the food? Most of the meals in the theme park cost around NTD200 per pax which works out to around SGD9.

IMG_7320 IMG_7321 IMG_7322 IMG_7323

The ambience is nice and the food is pretty alright. We weren’t expecting too much from a restaurant in a theme park.

IMG_7331 IMG_7332

After the amusement park was closed, we moved on to the ferris wheel ride. Each admission ticket grants you a ride on the ferris wheel. Since it is a bundled package, we decided to try it out.

However, it turned out to be really far from the theme park. We walked for about 30 mins. *Pants* A story of so near yet so far.


When we were there, we realised that it is pretty quiet. Think a lot of people decided to head home OR they didn’t know that the ticket comes with a free ride.

IMG_7389 IMG_7390



It has been a really long post filled with loads of pictures. Hope you enjoyed reading it! 🙂

As for now, I will tell you how to head to E-da Theme Park.

We took the MRT to Kaohsiung Zuoying Station, exited from Exit 2, walked out to the bus stop and took the shuttle bus over to the park. The bus comes in frequent intervals (approximately 20 mins per ride). Refer to the photos below for more.


The ticket for the shuttle bus is NTD37 per pax, SGD1.60. The ride takes about 40 mins so please don’t attempt to walk there ok!



We had loads of fun here and I wouldn’t mind going back for more! 🙂


E-da Theme Park at Kaohsiung, Taiwan

What’s so good: Great for families with kids. It is a big amusement park with loads of rides and attractions. It is more modern as compared to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

What’s not so good: Most of the rides are rather kiddish so if you are two mature adults, i’m afraid you wouldn’t enjoy the theme park. You need to be a child at heart. ^^

If you are keen to give it a try~

Add: No. 10, Section 1, Xuéchéng Rd, Dashu District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 840

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon to Fri and Sun) and 9am – 7.30pm (Sat)
Admission Tickets: NTD899 (SGD39) for Adults, NTD799 (SGD35) for students, NTD599 (SGD26) for kids from 120-150cm and NTD500 (SGD22) for kids under the age of 6 and senior citizens over 65 years old
Official Website: http://www.edathemepark.com.tw/Website/info_Price.aspx

15 responses to “E-da Theme Park 【义大游乐世界】

  1. Hi, I am from singapore! I am still a student and will be visiting taiwan soon. I’ll like to ask if I show my student pass, will I get to pay the student price?

    • Hi Bi, I didn’t try using my student pass but I bought the tickets at a travel company in Kaohsiung (near 85 大楼) that sells all sorts of tickets (i.e. movie tickets, tour packages and tickets to local attractions) at discounted prices cos they purchased in bulk. As shown in the picture above, my ticket only costs NTD820 each as compared to NTD899. You could always try your student pass though. 🙂

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