[Official Taiwan Blogger] I’m flying off to Taiwan! 【我要飞去台湾了!】

I am halfway through a hectic production cycle for MediaCorp and I totally don’t have the time for all the trip planning so I am glad that there is someone to do the job. Thanks to the event organizers from JWI Marketing Taiwan!

I am flying off very soon via China Airlines 中华航空. The trip from Singapore to Taiwan will take 4 hours and 35 mins. Good time for me to get some rest!

Here is a photo taken at the airport. I always travel with very minimal luggage, especially when I go to places like Taiwan because I know that I will be getting a lot of things there and even if there is anything that I forget to bring over, they will certainly have it! 🙂

Anyway, I have been to Taiwan countless times and even stayed there for half a year for exchange, I can be considered a 地头蛇over there. However, this is a completely new experience as it is a 5D4N farm trip, which means, we will be visiting farms every day. No shopping at all!

Even though I am a shopaholic, I prefer being closer to the nature when I am abroad. Looking forward to what they have in place for us! 🙂

我现在就在樟宜国际机场了。我即将搭乘中华航空至台北参加5天4夜的《农游台湾 幸福体验》台湾农场之旅。感谢主办单位看中Follow My Wanders,赞助我参加这一次的旅程!^^





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