My destiny with Taiwan【我和台湾的缘分】

The first time that I set foot on Taiwan was with my school, Hwa Chong Institution. At that time, I was only 17 and we were in Taiwan as part of the Language Elective Program (LEP) exchange trip. I still remember that all of us had a great time visiting different tourist attractions like Taipei 101 etc. And, it was the first time that I stayed at the YMCA youth hostel near Shilin. It was an eye opener.

Subsequently, I was back again for another exchange. This time round, under INSTEP with Nanyang Technological University. While many people wanted to go to places like US or Europe, I decided on Taiwan as it is a place that I would like to stay for half a year. I chose it and I was lucky enough to get my first choice at National Chengchi University 政治大学.

Here are some photos taken at National Chengchi University. The campus is located in Taipei, near to Taipei Zoo. ^^

IMG_7639 IMG_7740 IMG_7774 IMG_7794 IMG_7795 IMG_7797

There was a ceremony for all the exchange students. We took photos with our friends from Hong Kong.IMG_7801

Thereafter, there were a few short trips to Taiwan with family and with Jj. All of them made me see more of Taiwan and what this beautiful island offers.


IMG_7101 IMG_7241 IMG_6205 IMG_6240 IMG_6241 IMG_6902

P.S.: Want to know where these places are? You just have to follow my blog. 🙂

Here are just a few reasons why I like Taiwan and keep going back for more:

1) The people. They are just so friendly, just like the Thais. (FYI, Thailand is my second favorite country!)

2) The food. I love Taiwanese food. Even though quite a few of them are pretty sinful, I just can’t help loving it. I like the chicken chop and the 红油炒手 while Jj really likes the 葱抓饼over there.

3) The scenery. Taiwan has an amazing mix of urban and rural. There are built up areas like Taipei city and there are loads of natural scenery like Taroko Gorge and Yehliu.

4) Shopping!!! People who know me know that I simply can’t resist shopping. There is just so much to buy over there. Whenever I head to Taiwan, I will get loads of masks for myself. Of course, shoes too! I like getting heels from Taiwan. They are really cheap and most are pretty comfy. I have a few pairs of heels that lasted me for more than a year.

Here is an evidence of me shopping. 说来还真心虚!:p

taiwan shopping

Over the next few days, I will be starting on the journeys I have made in Taiwan and hope you will enjoy the coming posts. I will also be sharing my itineraries for touring Taiwan as I know that this is what a lot of people would like to know. Feel free to drop me a message below or email me at if you have any queries about travelling to Taiwan. 🙂


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