Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place

Besides travelling, food is my other love. ❤ ❤ ❤

This is the first restaurant that I shall start blogging about.

Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock Place

This is the second time that I have been here. Have tried different skinny pizzas over here. There sell really exotic pizza flavors as seen in the pictures below and I decided to try them out again with my family. 🙂

This restaurant is located at the third level of Wheelock Place. This is how the place looks like.

IMG_8204 IMG_8205

And the menu! I think they re-printed it because this wasn’t how it looks like when I first went a few months ago.

IMG_8206 IMG_8207

Introducing their latest flavor, the Chicken Satay Pizza


We wanted to go ala carte but my sis saw this Bundle Set meal and we decided to give it a try. Ultimately, it is only $79 for one Chicken Satay Pizza, another pizza of your choice, one pasta, one special (CHOOSE THE RISOTTO – You wouldn’t regret it) and two sides. 🙂


Here are the two sides that we ordered. Truffle fries and Sweet Potato Nibblets. Sinful but we loved it. The truffle fries is very addictive. We love the taste of the truffle on the fries (duh!). The Sweet Potato Nibblets looks like the Taiwanese Sweet Potato Fries but it is coated with thick chunks of sugar. 嚼劲十足!


Here comes our pizza. We are an adventurous bunch. This is Vietnamese Coconut Poached Chicken. It is made with coconut and lemongrass-poached chicken, served with Vietnamese style coleslaw, basil, mint, coriander and sweet chilli sauce. My sis says this pizza tasted more Thai rather than Vietnamese. I guess it is because it really resembles the taste of the Thai Papaya Salad.


The other pizza arrived! This is the Chicken Satay Pizza. I got a shock when it came cos there was so much gravy on it! There is chicken, pineapple cubes, japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes, watercress and not forgetting, the thick Satay sauce. So much in one pizza.

To me, it felt like eating Rojak because there was just so much in one plate! But it is interesting to taste the creativity in the malay-western fusion dish.


If you aren’t the most adventurous eater out there, stick to the safer options like the Squid Ink Pizza, Smoked Turkey Swiss and Wild Truffled Mushroom. I have to admit that the Chicken Satay Pizza was a bit too much for us, due to the heavy gravy.

Must try: Mushroom Risotto! The risotto at Skinny Pizza is so so nice! It costs $20 but you can also order it in the bundle set, as mentioned above. I like the rounded, fat rice and the strong herbs and mushroom taste. Delicious-O!


This Spaghetti Aglio Olio comes in the set too. It costs $22 if ordered ala carte. It’s spaghetti and clams tossed with garlic, fresh basil, parsley and chilli flakes. I love the taste of the olive oil. It is slightly spicy but manageable for me.


As for drinks, I do have something to recommend too!

This is the Tiffin punch. It is an alcoholic drink and it serves four. I just love the packaging that it comes in and decided to give it a try. I think not many people would know of this drink. 🙂


It tastes like fruit cocktail as it contains Grapefruit and Lychee! The alcoholic content is slightly high but just don’t drink too much.

IMG_8214 IMG_8215

All in all, we spent about $110 for 5 people, thanks to the 15% discount using DBS/POSB Credit and Debit Cards. We also received a return voucher to Skinny Pizza. 🙂


Skinny Pizza at Wheelock Place

What’s so good: Exotic Pizza Flavors and the Mushroom Risotto

What’s not so good: The place is pretty hot and stuffy. The other thing was, when we went, they ran out of some ingredients and we ended up being limited to the pizza choices that we could order

If you are keen to give it a try~

Add: 501 Orchard Road #03-04 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880

Tel: +65 6235 7823

Opens Daily 1100 — 2200 (Last Order at 2130)


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