Sabah Part Two (Seafood!)

When you are in Sabah, what you will enjoy is seafood, seafood and more SEAFOOD. Being tourists, we were recommended this big seafood restaurant called 不夜天.

Here is the address:

Port View Seafood Village

Lot 18 Waterfront Esplanade, Sinsuran, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 

IMG_4137 IMG_4138 IMG_4140
Once you step into the restaurant, you will be able to see these terraced steps of rice fields aquariums. The prices are indicated clearly and there will be staff around to offer you guidance, especially if you are not familiar with how this entire ordering thing works.
There will be a lot of tourists around (apparently, i heard that this is the biggest seafood restaurant in Sabah) so dont have to be worried if you appear too blur.
See? You can even pose with the big lobster! It was a pretty interesting experience holding the lobsters like that. It is heavy and I was so worried that it might slip off. That would be embarrassing!   
Here is how the food looks like! 
IMG_4165 IMG_4166
Look at the crabby!!~~~
And the fish~~~ Love eating fish and this fish is really fresh! We all loved it. 🙂
This place is air-conditioned so you can stay away from the heat outside and they have cultural performances too!
Basically just a group of men dancing around and then tourists can just go up on stage for some photo opportunities.
If you like seafood and you wouldn’t mind spending slightly more, this is a good place to try out. In my next post, I will be blogging about other food that you can try in Sabah! ^^ 

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