Sabah Part One (Recommended hotel – Pacific Sutera Hotel)

I went to Sabah (a state in Malaysia) with my family last year after graduation. We took Silkair from Changi Airport and landed right at Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Thereafter, we were ferried by a tourist bus to the place we will be staying for the rest of the trip!

The main purpose of the trip is to satisfy my dad’s desire for overseas golfing so we stayed in Pacific Sutera Hotel, a hotel that has its own golf course. (

Really pretty hotel set on a small hill with extensive green patches.



Other than the golf course situated right in front of the hotel, there are other places for non-golfers to explore.


IMG_4215 IMG_4195 IMG_4196

Of course, we had much fun snapping away!

IMG_4210 IMG_4219

Not sure if you spotted it, there was someone doing parasailing in the background! Really wanted to try it but there were time constraints. Shall try it next time then!




This hotel offers an excellent view and provides great services. Their food is pretty ok (but when you go traveling, im sure you will tend to eat more of the street delights rather than the standard fare at hotels unless the food outside is rather dirty). Their staff is friendly and most importantly, their rooms are v clean! 🙂 Suitable for couples on honeymoon and families. 🙂


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