Royal Caribbean Cruise (Stopover – Promthep Cape, Phuket)


We sailed off from our first stop in Klang and we are sailing towards the beautiful island of… PHUKET!


Thailand is my MOST LOVED COUNTRY of all countries I have ever visited. Really love this place with its yummy food and friendly Thais. It is indeed a land of smiles. 🙂 See? I am so excited and cant control myself from constantly snapping photos even before stepping on its shore. ^^


Getting nearer and nearer…



And finally, AHOY AHOY! 🙂 We are at the sunny Patong Beach!

It was really hot that day so I had to put on my sunglasses and my signature Dennis cap (which I removed cos I dont wanna have huge shadow over my face in the pictures). We waited quite awhile on the beach before we were finally ushered to the land tour. Can’t wait to see Phuket! I have been to Bangkok and Chiang Mai and I really loved these two places. Chiang Mai for its beautiful scenery and culture and Bangkok for the shopping, temples and food.

Being pretty religious, we chose a land tour that provided visit to the local temple! It is simple. You just have to book the package through the Shore Excursion Desk on the cruise and they will arrange everything for you. I think it is definitely safer. You don’t have to worry about missing the boarding time and even if you are delayed, there will be many others on your tour that will be delayed too! So the ship wouldn’t sail off without you. ^^ And it is not that expensive too. I can’t remember the exact price but it is definitely not over USD40 per pax for the entire tour (and you have the luxury of the air-con coach on the typically super, super hot day).

First stop is the Promthep Cape! This place offers a pretty view of the Southern part of Phuket.


Heard that it is a famous stop to catch the beautiful sunset. But I have seen photos of the sunset at Promthep Cape and I still feel that what I saw in Dili, East Timor was much captivating! ❤




Chanced upon quite a lot of cute elephants at that place and people were praying there too! These elephants were encircling the four-faced Buddha. I love elephants! 🙂





And there is a lighthouse over there!


So this was the view from the lighthouse! Guess there should be a lot of couples who will head over there in the evening and catch the sunset together. 🙂


There is a small eatery over there too. This is the entrance of the eatery. It basically sells snacks and souvenirs for tourists. Nothing spectacular.

We spent less than an hour over there. Generally nothing much to see, just a simple photo stop.

In my next post, I will share about the temple that Jj and I visited in Phuket. It is Wat Chalong Temple, the largest and most revered temple in Phuket. 🙂


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