Royal Caribbean Cruise (Things to do on board)

There are quite a few things to do on board the cruise.

Take a look at the pictures below!

First up is the Solarium, which is an indoor swimming pool. I really love swimming so I tried out the pool on the second day! However, the water was rather cold! So couldn’t really stay inside for too long. There are two Jacuzzi pools located in front of the main pool. The two pools are good, with hot water but the water smells rather strongly of chlorine so not recommended to stay inside for long.


Solarium – The Indoor pool


Indoor pool with free flow of pizza, hot dog and french fries at night

Other than swimming, there is golfing to do as well! This is a challenging golf course with like windy and bumpy patches. But this is what makes it really fun! We spent around 30 minutes finishing this entire course (inclusive of the time spent snapping pictures).


We were bored and we even went to explore the spa facilities over there! We didn’t try out the treatments as they seem a little over-priced.


Taken outside the spa

Next up, something I really like is towel folding! It is like origami – but with towels instead of paper. Look at the animals that they taught us to fold! It was fun and interactive. Highly suitable for the entire family.


Monkey 🙂


Turtle! 🙂


Monkey! There are other animals that they taught too! Like elephants, swans etc. 🙂

And the amazing thing is that they will place a different animal on our bed every day so it is cool getting to learn how they manage to fold these animals!


Miniature schnauzer






Piggy with sunglasses!

There is a rock climbing wall too! I did not manage to take photos of the rock climbing wall using my DSLR though but I love rock climbing. However, there is a long queue to try out the rock climbing experience and it is pretty hot at the deck but it is definitely worth trying! 🙂


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