Government Museum Chennai

On the second last day in Chennai, I decided that I should visit a museum. So, I went down to the hotel travel desk and asked them for recommendations. Then, they took out a little travel magazine and started telling me about Government Museum Chennai. Looking at the ridiculously pretty picture on the magazine, I knew I definitely wouldn’t want to give it a miss!

This place is located at Egmore, right in the city centre of Chennai. So it is really convenient to head down. We rented a car from the hotel and we were supposed to visit the museum and a shopping centre within the 4 hours rental so it was a bit rushed. As a result, I did not manage to take many photos to upload but here’s sharing what I have on my Canon DSLR! 🙂


Here is the list of the entrance fees. I think it is pretty decent as they have many exhibits available. However, we have to pay to take photos (it is around USD$4 for each camera). Nonetheless, judging from the beauty of this place, I guess it is quite justified to pay this amount so I just forked out my rupees and paid!

Starting the tour…


This architecture is the most magnificent one over there! It is called the National Art Gallery. However, it wasn’t open for tours so we could only take pictures from the exterior.


And then, there is this Zoology Gallery that displays the fossils of so many different species of animals like elephants, whales and dinosaur! 🙂


And then there is a Bronze Gallery that displays many ancient bronze statues that are really well-preserved. Me and my friend from UAE were so amazed at their wonderful state of preservation (and restoration, of course)! 🙂


There is also a gallery that displays coins and notes from all over the world! Some of them are really miniature while others look totally ice-age.


Overall, I really enjoyed the museum tour together with my friend, Ayesha! 🙂 Thanks for the company and all the joy we had on our short excursion around Chennai! ❤



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