Marina Beach, Chennai

We heard that this is a very popular beach in Chennai, where there will be throngs of families over the weekends, enjoying the sea breeze and all. BUT the reason that we were here was actually for filming as we were trying to find a fishing village. Sad to say, we do not really have the luxury of time to chill out at the beach.

So here I go, sharing some pictures that I have taken of the fishing community. 🙂


Saw this mother braiding her daughter’s hair by the beach and I thought it is really sweet! So I asked them for a picture! (Happy Mother’s Day BTW! ^^)

All of the fishermen there are men and we were told that they will sail off to the sea thrice a day (at around 6am, 8am and 4pm). Hope i didnt get the timings wrong. But anyway, we were there at 6.30am and we saw many of them out at sea. 🙂

IMG_5560IMG_5568 IMG_5573

At around 8 plus, they came back with their catch!



He stopped to pose for my photo! The fishermen there are really nice people, very friendly even though they had a really tough day out at the sea.


The men keeping their nets and many of their wives will be helping to sell their catch along the beach to restaurants etc. This is like the distribution centre for fish in Chennai! 🙂

IMG_5652 IMG_5656 IMG_5636

We were there for around 7 hours in total. Even though we all smell “fishy” at the end of the day, we had a great time there interacting and filming with the locals at the fishing community. Thanks to the guys at Marina Beach for all your help throughout the long and sweaty filming process! Really appreciate it!! 😀


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