Flower Market and Mahabalipuram in Chennai, India


Day two in India, we were brought around different parts of Chennai to understand more about the culture and lifestyle of the locals. We were at a local market where they sell loads of flowers and fruits. The people there were so photo eager that they will ask you for a photo, pose for your photos and then request to see them. But yep, they do this really politely so there is no need to feel uncomfortable about this. 🙂




And we were at this fishing village where I saw a mum braiding her daughter’s hair, preparing her for school. So sweet! ❤


We also went to Mahabalipuram! It is a very ancient temple where fishermen pray at before heading out for the sea. It is a World Heritage Site! 🙂

It is located in the Kancheepuram district which used to be a bustling sea port eons years ago.




Anyway, there are always big groups of production teams following us around, filming us eating, talking to the locals and all. Will share these photos after the program has been aired! 🙂


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