Oecussi, East Timor


Map of East Timor (Timor-Leste)

I have been to East Timor thrice, all for overseas reporting assignments. The farthest I have travelled within the country was from Dili, the capital, to Oecussi (Or Oecusse). It is a small enclave located within Indonesia.

It was no mean feat attempting to get there as we had to buy ferry tickets at Dili. We travelled in a  group of 5 and with us, loads of equipment. It will not be easy if we just slept on the decks (like what many locals do). So, we decided to book a crew’s cabin. We were lucky enough to be able to get a fully air-conditioned cabin to ourselves. It even had a TV set where we could watch decent Hollywood blockbusters!🙂 Not bad for East Timor.

Happy that we had a nice crew cabin to stay in for the long journey

Happy that we had a nice crew cabin to stay in for the long journey

However, it was obvious that there was crowding on board which actually made it very dangerous.

We sailed for a total of 12 hours from Dili to Oecussi. With a total of 5 pax but only 4 beds, one of the guys slept on the floor. The journey was a bit rocky but manageable without relying on any motion sickness pills.

After 12 hours, we finally reached!


Look at how many people there were!

But I was glad we made it to Oecussi. Having grown up in Singapore, what we always see is buildings after buildings but in this place, there is no such thing as buildings. The nicest installment that I spotted there is the brand new Oecussi hospital which is staffed by many Cuban doctors.

Oecussi Hospital

Oecussi Hospital

Clear skies and an artsy sampan :)

Clear skies and an artsy sampan🙂

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